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Why should I have my boiler serviced?

Regular servicing can increase efficiency, reduce emissions and ensure safe operation of your boiler. Studies have found a 3mm layer of soot can reduce efficiency by more than 8%.



Where is the oil shut off valve located?

The main oil shut off valve will normally be located at the bottom outlet of the fuel tank. This valve will incorporate either a wheel type handle (clockwise to close) or a lever handle (quarter push to close).



Where is the restart button for the boiler?

The “lock out” restart button will be located on the burner unit of the boiler. In most cases the front door cover will need to be removed to gain access. The burner unit will have a control box with a reset button (normally illuminated if the unit has “tripped”).  Push the reset button to initiate a start up, always refer to the manufacturers instructions on how many times the button can be reset (normally a maximum of three attempts).



Radiator is cold at the top & warm at the bottom?

This is usually due to air trapped at the top of the radiator. This can be released through the “bleed point” at the top of the radiator, using a suitable radiator “airing key”.



No pressure on gauge on boiler?

The majority of today's boilers are installed as sealed systems, where there is no header tank to automatically “top up” the system with water. A pressure gauge will be found on the front of the boiler or on a nearby pressure vessel. A filling loop will be incorporated with two valves to regenerate the system pressure with water. The system pressure will normally indicate 1 Bar when the system is cold. A gauge showing no pressure would indicate the system requires “topping up”. Why not ask the service engineer to demonstrate the procedure at his next visit.



Boiler is hot but the radiators are cold?

This would indicate the circulation pump or a motorised valve has failed.



Heating remains on when clock/programmer is off?

Should the boiler remain on when there is no demand through the programme a faulty actuator on a motorised valve is the most common cause.


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