Heating Oil

Our partners can provide the full range of home heating fuels - whether your boiler takes kerosene (also known as domestic oil, heating oil, 28 second oil) or gasoil (35 second oil).

The most common heating oil in the UK is kerosene as most oil central heating systems in the UK run on kerosene.

However, if you’re especially keen on reducing carbon emissions and improving the efficiency of your boiler, you may want to upgrade to a ‘premium kerosene’ product.


Our Premium Range

When compared to regular kerosene, premium kerosene provides a cleaner burn, which can help reduce consumption and maintenance costs. Premium kerosene leaves fewer deposits in the tank, nozzle & filter which reduces the risk of a boiler breakdown. Furthermore, its unique deodorant gives you a pleasantly neutral smell.

If you're new to heating oil and would like help and advice on the best way to fuel your home, then please click on the logos at the right to be taken directly to our partner's websites.



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